Old school meets New

Data Driven Business Analysis

Fascinating how the value of knowledge is dependent on the context of time it exists in.

When i learned the world of ‘Systems Thinking’ and ‘Systems Dynamics’ a couple of years ago on a quiet vacation in Italy, I was amazed of the ingenuity of the approach and the fact that it was available for all human kind as of the year 1950 or so. Why did we not use it in our every day (business analyst) life?

It took me a while to figure it out, but the simple answer is: the availability of data. A System Dynamics model needs detailed grained data to perform well, or else it’s just a theory.  I tried to ‘materialize’ the work of Russell Lincoln Ackoff and Jamshid Gharajedaghi (check out their literature), and isolated the approached within a specific domain:  Container-transport for Bridgestone in the port of Zeebrugge.

What if we coded the model into our plannings-engine?  The model predicts bottlenecks, if we can use the output of the model as an input parameter of the application, we could automatically decrease transport activity if we see a unloading capacity problem in future (for example).  We did, and this blog is too limited to describe the possibilities of what we can achieve with this approach.

The Old School knowledge comes to new life and generates an enormous business-value in today’s Big Data all-around-us world!

Last week i presented the case in the BA & Beyond Conference 2018 in Antwerp ( My presentation can be found here https://prezi.com/view/y3Rq0f54pQc9RTdI5Hct/ ) , and i was glad to see that other people also discovered the value of systems thinking. Click here to check out the blog of Adrian Reed

I hope that people get inspired and more and more evangelists promote the concept. If we want to design smarter systems we need to have a smarter approach to design them!  Let’s use all the knowledge human kind produced and look at it in today’s world.

Just like batteries boosts cycling all around the world, Big Data makes System Dynamics the smart-engine in every project !

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